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"On Location" #13 - The Church
Shots from On Location in Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen with Martin Joergensen
Martin Joergensen
10 photos
"On Location" #8 - Landscape Assignment
A trip to the countryside to shoot a very specific view
Martin Joergensen
16 photos
"On Location" #7 - Perspective and symmetry
Some compositions studies to supplement the podcast "On Location with martin Joergensen" #7
Martin Joergensen
7 photos
"On Location" #6 - Winter Flowers
A small excursion in the garden shooting winter flowers with and without flash
Martin Joergensen
4 photos
"On Location" #5 - Urbex Photowalk
Images from an urban exploration trip
Martin Joergensen
4 photos
"On Location" #4 - Bedroom Studio
Product pictures shot in a small light tent in my bedroom - from the podcast "On Location with Martin Joergensen"
Martin Joergensen
9 photos
"On Location" #3 - Foggy Harbor
Shooting in the harbor at night. Images from the third "On Location" podcast
Martin Joergensen
15 photos
"On Location" #2 - Low Sun
Shooting in the low winter sun. Images from the second "On Location" podcast
Martin Joergensen
28 photos
"On Location" #1 - Boring Light
Shooting in dull light. A few images from the first "On Location" podcast on boring light
Martin Joergensen
15 photos
For my fooling around with images in this gallery
Martin Joergensen
13 photos
The bridge
Bridge shots for Landscape challenge
Martin Joergensen
5 photos

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