Great job, beautiful image! -SamLikesNikon 767272004_wolfsburg_006.jpg
At first, I thought this was a digital image. Very GOOD! What lens did you use? -SamLikeNikon 767272005_turkey_009.jpg
This is a NICE image, very clean, very sharp, well framed, great work. I knew the D50 took great im... 20061DSC_0006.jpg
Great, and I mean GREAT shot! SamLikesNikon SamLikesNikon
Excellent, simply excellent! 67538still2a.jpg
Here again, what a wonderful image. And the reflection in the water is simply fantastic. Great wor... 79272Autum-I.jpg
This is BEAUTIFUL! What a great image, sharp, colorful, excellent work! 79272Autum-II.jpg
Thank you sentinel4570, I really appreciate the feedback. -SamLikesNikon 80490Security-Guard-Replacement-.jpg
Thank you sentinel4570, I really appreciate the feedback. -SamLikesNikon
by samlikesnikon

I like the expression, the look in his eyes. Great composition. And the black and white is great. Gr...
by sentinel4570