very nice, natural picture N85_1956-xs-C.JPG
A wide view with good colours, perhaps the horizon needs to be more horizontal a little? DSC16901.jpg
Little late but I see this photo for the first time and I like it a congratulations. Ja... Stephen_Dohrmann_photographs_the_Grand_Tetons.jpg
Excellent colourful photo with lovely composition. DSC_26692.jpg
Good scenery and colours. Greetings Jaap 469064_3596408661459_2117749568_o.jpg
Great only a slight white corner left. Lake-RMP-BW.jpg
I like this a lot, my favorit trees. MPIX_1-28-12_Aspen_trunks.jpg
OOOw good tiger, he surprised you anyway , but still a wonderful moment. DSC_8377.jpg
I like this photo, A beautiful place and very nice composition. solar_space1.jpg
I m glad to have a D200 too, what colour and nice soft contrast. You waited fot the right light or... 0127_M_.jpg
Thanks for your words, glad you like it
by Straydog

Absolutely love your work Straydog !
by Cyradis