IGreat shot! I hope you had a hot toddy to help steady your cold hands! november_wildlife_Rassie.jpg
I really like the contrast between the dahlia and the black background. Very striking! P1010153_copy.jpg
The contrast between the blue sky and the white mosque is very striking. EDI_6522.JPG
I can almost feel the cold.Great shot! 9796_01.jpg
The determined look in the eye is breathtaking - perfectly focused! What a great image, congratulati... december_wildlife_martinjp22.JPG
The Spanish really know how to cook and serve fresh food! We were in Madrid last fall and loved thei... colorsOfTheNight.jpg
What a fabulous image! This must be a Nile croc. Looks to be well fed too! CrocFace.jpg
You must have been up early to get this shot! The reflection is perfect. I have the same lens, but I... Amanecer_e_-_copia.jpg
You have captured his determination in his eyes. this_is_how_I_am_ds.jpg
Nice. Bokeh. An ellusive bird to shoot! Great shot! Owl_Flight.jpg