Great shot, model has a great presence on camera. GHP0121.jpg
Beautiful shot, perfect time of day. I just wonder in you might have been able to get something more... VERTICAL_CROP_Lone_Tree_at_Cadillac_NIK.jpg
Very strong shot, you get a feeling for the energy and strength of the young lady. Chadwick_20190725_Tytan_Pictures_059_AuroraHDR2018-edit.jpg
Great shot of a child with a vibrant personality, personally I would not have gone with so pronounce... Boy_Phnom-Penh_BW.jpg
Great eye to see this and be ready to capture it. DSC0066-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
Great shot, really captures the spirit of the place. DSC0584-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
Striking, shot, the eyes are so moving. DSC0060M-Edit_-_copia.jpg
A wonderrful moment, perfect timing to catch that expression. DSC0055-Edit_-_copia.jpg
Beautiful shot, you really get a feeling for the child. Carabane_Girl5.jpg
Excellent shot, you have a great eye for all of the elements to make this a outstanding shot. Ohio_Winter1.jpg
by chips7335

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I can feel the emotion. Excellent. Many great images. Roy, you seemed to disappear for a long tim...
by tommiejeep

I like the composition and stark Blacks and Whites. Thanks for posting.
by tommiejeep

Wonderfully shot-tack sharp focus,exposure and framing!
by nevan

Beautiful image1
by KJH1958

Unbelieveable! I love your photos. What year was that? I am new in this community and will watch you...
by haunzz

Great Monochrome photograph. Very well taken.
by jobecbe