This really makes me wish that I lived father out from the city. There is no way to get pictures of ... Continued_Night_Work-1-11.jpg
I like this. Do you a good job of photographing all of your identical brothers! 8x_me.jpg
Achoo!! Thanks for stirring up the ragweed!! Trails_IMG-26_resize.jpg
I like this. It almpst looks like a wood print. Good job. Layers1.jpg
I really like this one. It looks like something you'd see in a coloring book! Nice job. untitled120731-0428-Edit.jpg
The effect that you used is interesting. It made the objects appear kind of wavy and strange. I don'... untitled120801-0580-Edit.jpg
Please, don't just crop out the water drop. The rest of the flower gives it dimension and depth. Thi... Water_Drops_Cyclamen_Flower_2JG9528-3.JPG
Nice shot. What would be really interesting is to go back to this location and photograph it now, th... Outdoor-Scenes--_9_.jpg
I like the framing you did of the sun. Nicely done. best_pics_3-6-2012_070.jpg
It could be a young one still trying to take food from a parent. I see a lot of that here at my hous... CSA8876cs5crop_tonemapped.jpg
great composition, light, colour, depth of field. I love it!
by llewin

by Markus43