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Personally I find this photo the best out of your series. The action is frozen at the perfect moment. If I may suggest anything, I would try to reduce the noise (Lightroom 3 performs here pretty nice). It is not a problem on the foreground (the owl is very sharp), but it is visible in the background, making it a bit distracting. During the workshop I had to watch my ISO values almost all the time as I noticed that my pictures suffered a bit too much from the high ISO values. Whenever I could I was compensating by opening the aperture. I think in case of this photo it also would do the trick: if you'd open the aperture with 2-3 stops (to, say 7.1, 6.3) you could reduce ISO probably to 800-1000 and the noise would be less visible.
But once again - this is a great shot.

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